Training services for technical publications

The frequently changing requirements for technical documentation within the Aerospace and Defence industry make continuing professional development for authors and managers an ever greater priority.

Mekon training

Whether it is keeping up to date with standards, becoming familiar with new ones or learning new tools and processes, training is always a requirement. When you invest in relevant training for yourself and your team, it increases job satisfaction and staff retention. Trained staff feel a valued part of the business and have more to contribute to the team.

We can provide you full training packages for all our software products across the Aerospace and Defence team. We can also provide you training at all levels of S1000D and other relevant standards such as ASD Simplified Technical English (ASD STE-100).

All our courses can be provided at your site, on line, or at our offices in Sutton. We can deliver our standard course content or customise the content to suit your specific requirements.

We provide further support following your course to reinforce the learning as you implement your new knowledge in your work. We maintain the high quality of our courses and trainers with a variety of evaluation techniques and adherence to ISO9000 and Investors In People (IIP) principles.

For more information on our courses, see the following links. If you do not see a course here that you need, please contact us with your requirements.

Mekon Learning

Eclipse S1000D

Eclipse S1000D is the ultimate S1000D authoring plug-in for Adobe FrameMaker or PTC Arbortext.  These courses are for authors using Eclipse S1000D. Master the power of Eclipse.


S1000D projects large and small will benefit from a CSDB. These courses are for administrators, managers and tech pubs teams covering every aspect of using notusCSDB.


notusBookBuild allows you to create publications straight from S1000D. This course is for authors and publishers and covers publishing across multiple stylesheets.


As well as training courses for your Mekon software, our team are able to offer bespoke courses and workshops to help with all aspects of your project set up and managment.

S1000D training courses

Introduction to S1000D

Designed for senior decision makers and managers. Learn the implications of working in S1000D.

Create content with S1000D

Learn to work in S1000D. This course is for all levels within the technical publications teams.

Simplified Technical English

Learn the S1000D recommended way of writing technical information for clear, precise content.

S1000D Business Rules

Understand business rules and their power in sharing work between suppliers and across projects.

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If you would like to find out more about how notusCSDB could fit in your environment, we would be happy to speak to you. We can run an online demonstration, then if you would like to know more we can set up a free trial for you using our securely-hosted notusCSDB trial platform. You and your team can try out the system for 30 days either using the S1000D 'Bike Pack' sample data we provide, or your own test data if you wish to upload that. The trial is fully functional in every respect.

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