S1000D Business Rules training

The Contiem Aerospace & Defence team have many years of experience operating, consulting and teaching with S1000D. Business Rules are a particularly complex area from the BREX file to understanding the business decisions that need to be taken.

S1000D Business Rules (E2)

A course to cover the principles of S1000D Business Rules, and the process for managing the decision points each business must make for a new project.

Who is this course for?

Business decision makers, programme managers, tech pubs managers, team leaders, business planners.

How long is the course?

1 day on-site, or
2 half-day sessions on-line

What does the course cover?

Our Introduction to Business Rules course will look at the whole spectrum of Business Rules and find out how they relate to your company’s business and product plans. During this course you will identify what Business Rules are already in place in your company and what is still missing. With our trainer, you will explore the most efficient ways to structure, design, generate and maintain Business Rules and apply them you your business.

  • Business Rules definition and their difference from Business and Product Plans
  • Business Rule types defined in a simple and memorable way, and in order of their creation
  • Importance of communication while defining and maintaining Business Rules
  • Relation between Business Rules and all processes within your company
  • Efficient ways to maintain Business Rules
  • Dos and don’ts when working with Business Rules

Contiem training

Your training will be lead by a professional in the topic with many years of experience, both of the subject matter and in bringing it to you, the audience. Your trainer will want to understand both your current knowledge and your learning (and business) needs. They will evolve the course during its delivery ensuring that it meets your requirements, giving you far more than just an academic presentation. You will learn what is most relevant to you and feel empowered to take the next steps in implementing your training and improving your working environment.

Where and when?

You can take your training course wherever is most convenient for you and your team. We prefer face-to-face either at your site, or at our offices in Sutton, Surry, England. However, we can also conduct all of our courses on-line avoiding travel restrictions and covid isolation issues.

All of our courses are available at a mutually suitable time between your team and the relevant specialist instructor. When you call to book we can organise all the details.

Next steps

Please fill in the form opposite with brief details of your training requirement. One of our team will then be in touch and we will email you the full current prospectus for the course(s) you need.

If you have a specific learning requirement, you need a certain topic covered to extra depth, or you are interested in something else not covered in our standard training courses, just ask. Our greatest asset is the service we provide you, and we can cover any requirement in the Aerospace and Defence technical information world.

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