iSpec 2200 for PTC Arbortext with Eclipse
Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) and Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog (AIPC)

The Eclipse iSpec 2200 AMM/AIPC application makes it easy for both experienced and inexperienced Arbortext users to produce AMM and AIPC Manuals compliant with the ATA iSpec 2200 Specification.

Installed as a plugin to one of the industry’s leading editing tools, Eclipse iSpec 2200 provides enhanced functionality for the author.

Eclipse iSpec 2200 product icon


Eclipse covers several issues of the standard for both manual types.


The output is fully formatted for print output.

ATA iSpec 2200 AMM & AIPC for PTC Arbortext Editor Users

With Eclipse ATA iSpec 2200 Applications for Arbortext, you can leverage your existing Arbortext installed base and still produce ATA compliant output in SGML, PDF or print, saving you time, money and reducing the cost of adopting the standard.

When your authors can continue to work with a product they are familiar with, it empowers them to focus on content production and increases quality and productivity.

The AMM/AIPC Application is just one of range of tools for producing fully formatted ATA manuals and documents.

The quality of the interface, the range of configuration options and the quality of the output make this an automatic choice for ATA documentation.

iSpec 2200 AMM and AIPC plug-in for PTC Arbortext

Authoring with Eclipse iSpec 2200

Ease of use

Simple Pageblock preview

  • Preview a pageblock with basic formatting without having to format the entire document. This allows authors to get a better idea of the document content at stages throughout the authoring process.

Revision preparation

  • Simple functions to reset the change mark-up in a document before starting the revision process. Record of Revision data can be added to the document and automatically formatted to populate the Record of Revision table.

Auto generated tables including Illustrated Parts indexes

  • Alpha-numeric indexes of parts and other optional indexes for the IPC data are generated automatically from the IPC content.

Automatic attribute setting

  • Dramatically reduce creation and editing time and reduce the opportunity for human error. Even a small ATA document will have hundreds of attributes that need to be managed. With the Eclipse application, when you set an attribute value it will be copied down the structure to all the elements that need it.

AIPC conversion tool

  • A tool is included to convert IPC content held as a spreadsheet into mark-up that can be copied straight into the AIPC document avoiding the need for time-consuming rekeying of data. This also helps minimise the risk of transcription errors.


Multiple configuration options

  • The application contains multiple configuration options allowing the author to customise the document styling for title pages and other standard text not part of the document content. These stylesheet options are set in a easily editable configuration file.
  • Other, easily accessible dialogs allow graphics and text for page headers to be configured and pre-defined address blocks to be specified for the title page.


Multiple Versions of the DTD

  • The application supports multiple versions of both the AMM and AIPC DTDs; up to issue 13 of AMM and issue 17 of the AIPC.

Why do I need Contiem?

Industry experience

Contiem have worked with Arbortext Editor for many years developing applications, stylesheets and tools to support various authoring needs. Although our ATA tools are compliant with the standard we can develop local solutions for formatting or editing tasks. We also provide training in both the tools and in the standard so that users have an understanding of the requirements for structured authoring.

Working for you

All this is backed by the high standard of support provided by Contiem’s in-house support and development teams.

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