Create S1000D in Adobe FrameMaker with Eclipse

The Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker application makes it easy for you, whether experienced and inexperienced with Adobe FrameMaker, to produce fully-complaint S1000D Data Modules.

Installed as a plug-in to one of the industry’s leading publication editing tools, Eclipse S1000D gives you enhanced functionality and a set of useful tools to quickly and accurately produce your content.

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Eclipse covers all issues of the standard from the earliest Issue 1.6 and is updated as new Issues become available


Eclipse integrates with our full notusCSDB or with our local data resource manager for access to external content


The output is fully formatted for print output and S1000D compliant for inclusion in electronic delivery systems

xml para tags

working display

When editing data modules, the display can be ‘tag display’ or WYSIWYG using S1000D stylesheets for the DM type

Industry-leading S1000D solution for Adobe FrameMaker users

Adobe FrameMaker
Eclipse S1000D product icon

With Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker, you can leverage your existing Arbortext installed base and still produce S1000D compliant output in SGML, XML, PDF or print, saving you time, money and reducing the cost of adopting the standard.

When your authors can continue to work with a product they are familiar with, the Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker application with its additional functionality, empowers them to focus on content production and increases quality and productivity.

Eclipse S1000D builds on the exceptional power and usability of Adobe FrameMaker to provide one of the most powerful intuitive S1000D publishing solutions on the market.

The quality of the interface, the range of configuration options and the quality of the output make this an automatic choice for those contemplating moving to the S1000D Specification.

S1000D editor plug-in for Adobe FrameMaker

Eclipse S1000D key features

Eclipse S1000D for Adobe FrameMaker has many key features to help you create your content quickly and accurately

Guided authoring
  • Eclipse S1000D guides Technical Authors through the process of authoring content to the S1000D standard without you needing to know the intricacies of the specification. You are free to focus on the technical content without worrying about the structure or layout.
  • Validation against the schema structure is automatic and all S1000D issues (both SGML and XML) are fully supported.
  • You have the choice to work in a WYSIWYG formatted view using S1000D stylesheets provided for each data module type, or a variety of tagged formatted modes.
Multiple project support
  • You can work with multiple projects without having to change configuration.
  • Detection of the project is automatic and based on the recognition of the Model Identification Code part of the Data Module Code.
  • All S1000D attribute values are already included for use plus you can created and assign custom attribute values (the xx51 to xx99 values) to multiple projects.
  • Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker is delivered with the default S1000D configuration and also includes the ATA and Airbus specific S1000D Business Rules for working on civil aviation projects.
  • Eclipse configuration files may be located on a network drive to allow you to collaborate in teams on projects, providing consistency of content and simplicity of maintenance.
Multiple output support
  • The powerful layout tools in Eclipse S1000D harnesses the capabilities of Adobe FrameMaker to provide an unequalled set of formatting and output choices.
  • Table of Contents, Lists of Figures and Tables, References tables and many more are automatically generated for you.
  • You can use automatic generation of in-line applicability statements and page effectivity blocks as needed.
notusCSDB integration
  • Eclipse S1000D gives you full integration with Mekon’s Common Source Database – notusCSDB.
  • Insert data module references, figures, spares, consumables and all common data types directly from the CSDB, without needing to write out long, complex data module codes, giving you speed and accuracy.
  • Use the power of the CSDB to manage your BREX and applicability.
  • If you use the CSDB, issue numbering, in-work numbers, dates, titles and verification are all managed for you taking the stress out of version control and validation.
Data Reference Manager
  • If you don’t have (or don’t need) a CSDB, Mekon’s DRM can provide some of the automation for you, allowing you to still enhance your accuracy and speed when creating S1000D content. The DRM is included with Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker.
  • You can manage DM and ICN codes to ensure compliance with the project naming scheme
  • Lists of common information can be stored in the DRM database, including the project’s DM codes, spares, consumables, etc. as well as common phrases for easy insertion,
  • If you set up the database on your network, all members of the team can access the information, while only needing to be maintained in one place. The DRM database tools allow you easily to import information from spreadsheets for rapid bulk loading.
  • You can have multiple databases to support different projects.
Custom development

The Eclipse plug-in technology allows project specific add-ons to be developed that will allow additional formatting rules to work alongside or overwrite the S1000D formatting required.

CSDB connection layer

As part of the application Mekon has developed an interconnectivity layer which permits connection to Common Source Database applications from Third Parties. If you already have a CSDB and want to leverage the benefits of using Eclipse S1000D to create your content with integration to your CSDB content, then please ask about our connector options.

Why do I need Contiem?

Industry experience

Contiem have worked with Adobe FrameMaker, and have been an Adobe partner, for many years developing applications, stylesheets and tools to support various authoring needs. Although our S1000D tools are compliant with the standard we can develop local solutions for formatting or editing tasks. We also provide training in both the tools and in the standard so that users have an understanding of the requirements for structured authoring with S1000D.

A solution that fits the problem

Taking on an S1000D project can be a considerable task and needs a lot of pre-planning and well thought out implementation. The Contiem team can leverage their 20 years’ experience of structured topic based authoring to assist you with every step of the process.

All this is backed by the high standard of support provided by Contiem’s in-house support and development teams.

Screen shot gallery

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Download the datasheet

Also see our Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker demonstration videos for short demos of specific parts of the application functionality (in the resources area above).

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