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Aerospace and Defence standards

Adobe FrameMaker supports the inclusion of plug-ins that enable the controlled production of industry-standard output. The Aerospace and Defence industries have highly defined standards that must be adhered to. Without specialist support, it can be extremely difficult to produce technical documentation at the required standard.

Why choose Contiem for your Adobe FrameMaker plugins?

Contiem is a premier Adobe partner and has many years’ experience producing FrameMaker plug-ins and supporting Adobe FrameMaker. We have applications available to produce S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200, ShipDex and Crew information including AvP70 and JPS(D)543. We also have BookBuild applications to take standard S1000D data modules and create publications to Airbus A350 CMP standard and S1000D standard, as well as stylesheets for AESP, Crew and ATA CMP.

Contiem and FrameMaker

Exceptional FrameMaker experience

Contiem’s UK division have been developing solutions for FrameMaker for nearly 30 years – since around 1992. That was a full 3 years before Adobe bought FrameMaker with their acquisition of Frame Technology Corp.

Contiem’s UK division are a premier Adobe partner and are excellently placed to continue our support and development on the FrameMaker platform. Our Eclipse family of products offer some of the most comprehensive tools available in Adobe FrameMaker for producing standards-based technical information. We support SGML and XML standards for S1000D, iSpec 2200 and ShipDex data production. Furthermore, we offer a range of output applications to take S1000D and deliver formatting and layout in accordance with AvP70 and similar Crew requirements, S1000D generic presentation and the very specific Airbus A350 CMP requirements.

CSDB integration or standalone Data Reference Manager

Any technical author will know one of the hardest aspects of authoring technical information is integrating with multiple sources. Our Eclipse S1000D application can run as a standalone system linked to a team-wide database providing lookup for common elements. This allows control and consistency of inserted content as well as speed and accuracy for you, the author. Also, for projects using our notusCSDB, there is full integration directly from FrameMaker allowing you to insert linked elements from the Common Source Database without leaving the editor.

Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker

Eclipse S1000D product icon

The Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker application makes it easy for both experienced and inexperienced FrameMaker users to produce fully complaint S1000D Data Modules.

Guided Authoring

Eclipse S1000D guides the Technical Author through the process of authoring content to the S1000D standard without the author needing to know the intricacies of the standard, leaving them free to focus on the technical content. Validation against the schema structure is automatic and all S1000D issues (both SGML and XML) are fully supported. The author also has the choice to work in a tagged or a variety of WYSIWYG formatted modes.

Multiple Project Support

Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker enables the author to work with several different projects without having to change configuration. Different text and characters which are output based on attribute codes can be stipulated for several projects and switching between these different configurations is automatic and driven by built in detection of part of the Data Module Code.

Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker is delivered with the default S1000D configuration. Eclipse is also delivered with the ability to work with ATA S1000D, Airbus A350 and A400 Business Rules. These configurations can be easily enabled via the user preferences.

Eclipse configuration files may be located on a network drive to allow authors to work with common configuration details thus enhancing consistency across a project.

Multiple Output Support

Eclipse S1000D harnesses both the power of FrameMaker as well as its own functionality to provide an unequalled set of formatting and output choices. Items like Table of Contents, Lists of Figures and Tables and the References table can be automatically generated. In-line applicability statements and page effectivity blocks can be automatically generated as needed.

Data Reference Manager

The Data Reference Manager (DRM) allows you to store lists of Data Modules, Technical Publications, and other standard content for reuse throughout project content. Companies who don’t have a compliant Common Source Database (CSDB) can use the DRM to help with data input and be assured of consistency and control, for example when a spares table or data module reference is inserted. The DRM supports the addition of standard parts and other information for preliminary requirements sections, data module codes for references and support for identifying and inserting graphics. Multiple databases can be created to support different projects and the database is elected automatically based on key values from the data module code.

The database itself may be located on a network drive which allows multiple author projects to work with the same core information.

The Data Reference Manager is provided with the management functions necessary for the user to populate the Database from a spreadsheet without the need for a Database Application. Sample spreadsheet files are provided as examples.

CSDB connection layer

As part of the application Mekon has developed an interconnectivity layer which permits connection to Common Source Database applications from Third Parties. This interconnectivity layer permits Mekon to rapidly develop connections to other CSDB applications where the CSDB provides suitable access functionality.

Custom development

The Eclipse plug-in technology allows project specific add-ons to be developed that will allow additional formatting rules to work alongside or overwrite the S1000D formatting if required.

If you would like to know more, or take a free trial of Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker, please click the button below, or visit the Eclipse S1000D page.

Eclipse iSpec 2200 CMM/SB for FrameMaker

Eclipse iSpec 2200 product icon

Eclipse iSpec 2200 (A)CMM/SB provides an Adobe FrameMaker authoring and printing environment for Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM), Abbreviated Component Maintenance Manuals (ACMM) and Service Bulletins/Service Letters (SB/SL) based on a wide range of CMM or SB DTDs and compliant with ATA and Airbus Component Data Instruction Manuals (CDIMs). Output can be in SGML or compliant PDFs.

Extensive layout type support

The plug-in leverages the printing capability of Adobe FrameMaker to create very specific printed page layouts for the various structured files, which conform to the relevant specification layout instructions while providing convenient and clear editing environments, which can also be used to write SGML output for delivery to clients when this is specified. Requirements for paper outputs that are not stored in the SGML are automated, like creation of the List of Effective Pages (LEP), Table of Contents (TOC) and automated pagination, reducing time and resources required to complete the documentation. Where possible, other tasks are automated, like automatic MTOSS generation, Preparations to start new revisions and many more.

Legacy information management

To allow for file sharing without having to transmit older versions of the SGML and to maximise the pagination functionality, the plug-in is equipped with a mechanism that maintains both latest and legacy revision information, stored in the SGML.

Business-customisable templates

Furthermore, the plug-in is equipped with a configuration mechanism to customise the templates to allow for site specific information to be displayed in the paper/PDF output.

If you would like to know more, or take a free trial of Eclipse iSpec 2200 for FrameMaker, please click the button below, or visit the Eclipse iSpec 2200 page.

Eclipse BookBuild for FrameMaker

Eclipse BookBuild product icon

Contiem has developed versatile Publishing Applications for producing books using ASD S1000D Data Modules as the data source. Contiem offer 2 different BookBuild solutions for Adobe FrameMaker. The first is a generic S1000D bookbuild which enables you to build a full publication and print to PDF. The second is specific to the  Airbus A350 programme and produces an A350 Component Maintenance Publication (A350 CMP).

S1000D BookBuild

The Eclipse BookBuild application enables a user to build and print a multi-volume/chapter paper publications from concatenated Data Modules.

A full decimalised Chapter layout can be specified during initial creation of the Book. The Data Modules are combined in this application to provide a Traditional printed manual.

The order in which data modules appear in the publication can be pre-determined by the user and the application resolves the entire cross-referencing contained within the data modules. The plug-in also creates tables of contents, list of effective pages, list of tables, and list of figures etc are created/updated automatically each time a book is built, thus ensuring that the supporting information is always correct.

Change markers and page effectivity are also handled by this application with data complying with simple S1000D based business rules.

A number of options are provided to customise the output and to select the various regular information items that appear on S1000D Compliant pages.

Output can be directed either to a printer or to create a PDF file. In the PDF file full chapter bookmarks are automatically created. With all cross-referencing being hypertext enabled, this type of file may be used for a very useful IETP.

Airbus A350 CMP BookBuild

Mekon has developed the Eclipse A350 BookBuild application which is compliant with the Airbus A350 CDIM and provides the means to create an A350 Component Maintenance Publication (CMP) which is the ATA S1000D version of the iSpec2200 CMM.

The application still works with ASD S1000D Data Modules as the Data Source but uses the Airbus A350 Publication Module interpretation to determine the structure of the output.

The Publication Module is imported into BookBuild so the initial setup is less complicated. The output is a pdf file which is a complete CMM.

As part of the work of creating this application Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker from Version 9 has been modified to enable it to be easily configured to work with the Airbus A350 CDIM. This configuration is selected via the User Preferences and using the Project Configuration System.

The output of this version of BookBuild is a Component CMP with the preliminary pages automatically created and PageBlocks correctly identified. In addition the extra Parts List Indexes are automatically generated from information contained in the Parts List Data Modules.

If you would like to know more, or take a free trial of Eclipse BookBuild for FrameMaker, please click the button below, or visit the Eclipse BookBuild (for S1000D) page or the Eclipse A350 CMP BookBuild page.

Eclipse Crew

Eclipse Crew product icon

Eclipse Crew is specialised application for editing and publishing Aircrew Manuals, Operating Data Manuals, Flight Reference Cards and Flight Test Schedules through Adobe FrameMaker.

World leading standards-based

The plug-in was designed with Royal Air Force Handling Squadron (now Defence Aircrew Publications Squadron – DAPS) to comply with AvP70. AvP70 was later subsumed into the tri-service JSP(D)543 Aircrew Publication specifications. Regulatory Article (RA) 5406 gives full requirements for the provision of the air system document set. This includes procurement in accordance with either Air Acquisition Publication (AAP) 00-001 or Defence Standard (DefStan) 00-601, with which Eclipse Crew is fully compliant

S1000D data directly to Crew publications

The plug-in allows for transformation of Crew Descriptive data modules directly from S1000D data modules from a wide range of S1000D changes. The transformation allows the concatenation of multiple data modules into a structured (parts and chapters) book, provides full ‘front matter’ and index building, translates cross-references and supports version information with change marking.

Unique Crew-designed features

The plug-in has many unique features to aid in the preparation of Aircrew Publications for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, like:

  • Multiple templates for book and reference card type publications for varied operating environments
  • Multi-chapter and multi-part publications with annexes and supplements
  • On-the-fly generation of algorithms (flow diagrams) and captions
  • Automatic generation of coloured, indexed or annotated tabs
  • Embedded document management (change marking, amendment annotation)
  • and many more…
  • To benefit from the full functionality, Eclipse S1000D is required.

If you would like to know more, or take a free trial of Eclipse Crew for FrameMaker, please click the button below, or visit the Eclipse Crew page.

Standards we support

Standards allow different companies and businesses around the world to collaborate on projects. Data can be easily interchanged between component suppliers and OEMs. Modern technical publication standards provide common mechanisms to provide business rule interchange and define documentation domains. Even legacy standards are leveraging the business rule capability of modern standards like S1000D to define information requirements.

To learn more about some of the technical publication international standards we support with our Adobe FrameMaker plug-ins, have a look at the information below.

Bespoke solutions

Contiem can also provide bespoke customisations to enable the delivery of standards-based data in customised print and layout solutions. Use the value in your existing content to re-purpose and deliver using new layouts to meet customer-specific requirements.

Aerospace and Defence Europe
S1000D logo


S1000D is an international specification for the production of technical publications. Although the title emphasizes its use for technical publications, application of the specification to non-technical publications is also possible and can be very beneficial to businesses requiring processes and controls

ATA e-Business Program

iSpec 2200

ATA iSpec 2200 is a global aviation industry standard for the content, structure, and electronic exchange of aircraft engineering and maintenance information. It consists of a suite of data specifications pertaining to maintenance requirements and procedures and aircraft configuration control

UK MOD tri-service badge

AvP70 / JSP(D)543

Crew was originally developed for the UK MOD to support AvP70 (later JSP(D)543) style Flight Reference Cards (FRCs), aircrew manuals and operating data manuals. It can take S1000D Crew data modules and generate fully tab-indexed FRC and aircrew publications

Shipdex for FrameMaker


Shipdex is an independent and non-proprietary standard protocol, open to all shipping players who wish to adopt it.

Shipdex is the customization for the shipping community of the international S1000D specification.

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If you would like to try any of our products for yourself we offer a fully functional, time-limited trial. You will need Adobe FrameMaker, which can be downloaded from also on a trial basis.

Once you fill in the trial request form, one of our team will be in touch to help you download the software and to set you up with a trial licence.

If you are looking to trial our S1000D solutions, you may also wish to have a look at our S1000D CSDB solution, which can be trialled in conjunction with eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker

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