Adobe FrameMaker training

Mekon offer a range of training courses to meet the different requirements of FrameMaker users. 

Working with documents and books, structured or un-structured

At the entry level Mekon offers course on working with unstructured or structured documents. These two separate courses cover similar requirements focusing on the needs of authors who plan to use the functions and templates provided to them but have less need to develop new structures or templates.

Template design workshop

Once the user understand how to work with existing documents and templates the natural progression is to learn more about how the templates are constructed in FrameMaker and how to build styles and page layouts from scratch. The Template Design course addresses this and when taken as a closed customised course can involve working with your own documents and potential new designs giving you a fast track to building your own templates.

Preparing EDDs

Its becoming more an more popular for Adobe FrameMaker users to want to work in a structured was to increase the usability and strict control available in the product. In order to do this you first need to build an Element Document Definition EDD unless you have purchased templates or an application like Eclipse S1000D an Eclipse iSpec 2200 which includes all the required EDDs.

Importing and exporting SGML or XML

For clients that have chosen to use Adobe FrameMaker in a structured way you may have chosen to use SGML or XML as the underlying standard to base your structure on. In such a situation you will most certainly want to know how to import and export content in these formats from your FrameMaker documents. You will learn how to import and export elements, attributes and attribute values and how to refine the handling of all object types, in particular graphics and tables.

Further information

For more information on our courses or to book a place, contact Mekon.

Get a free trial of notusCSDB now

notusCSDB for S1000D trial

If you would like to find out more about how notusCSDB could fit in your environment, we would be happy to speak to you. We can run an online demonstration, then if you would like to know more we can set up a free trial for you using our securely-hosted notusCSDB trial platform. You and your team can try out the system for 30 days either using the S1000D 'Bike Pack' sample data we provide, or your own test data if you wish to upload that. The trial is fully functional in every respect.

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