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When contacting our Support Services please ensure that you have your Customer Support number. This number will have been issued at the time of purchase or maintenance renewal and appears at the top of your Customer Support Certificate.

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If you require additional copies of either the CD or printed user guide please contact support with quantities and you will be contacted with costs and availability.

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notusCSDB for S1000D trial

If you would like to find out more about how notusCSDB could fit in your environment, we would be happy to speak to you. We can run an online demonstration, then if you would like to know more we can set up a free trial for you using our securely-hosted notusCSDB trial platform. You and your team can try out the system for 30 days either using the S1000D 'Bike Pack' sample data we provide, or your own test data if you wish to upload that. The trial is fully functional in every respect.

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