Development services for technical publications

Mekon’s development team continue to enhance and update the Eclipse range of applications as standards and industry needs change. In addition, Mekon also produce custom applications for customers to address specific tasks.

These custom developments can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Bespoke modifications of the standard Eclipse application functionality;
  • Bespoke modifications of the stylesheets in the Eclipse applications;
  • Bespoke stand-alone applications for specific tasks.

Mekon take care to define the customer requirements in detail before starting work to be sure that the result delivers what the customer needs. A written functional specification is included as part of any quotation for the work.

Mekon will use a variety of technologies, selecting the most appropriate for the task, and can support both SGML and XML content.

Mekon can also provide continued support for the custom development. This can be either long-term support or just for the initial implementation period. Although all developments are tested by Mekon it is expected that the customer will test for themselves with a greater range of content and situations to identify any issues at an early stage.

Some of our recent development projects include:

  • Producing a web based index to procedures in a customer document set of aircraft maintenance manuals;
  • Converting a complete manual set from a legacy authoring tool to SGML ready for authoring and publishing with structured FrameMaker for a leading aerospace manufacturer;
  • Supporting the editing of iSpec 2200 Aircraft Maintenance Manuals, complete with bespoke tool for importing Illustrated Parts content;
  • Customizing an existing application to support the use of standard Warnings, Cautions and Notes in their ATA format manuals for a leading aircraft manufacturer;
  • Developing XSLT stylesheets for a leading medical device manufacturer;
  • Developing a complete solution for the creation of exam specifications using the DITA standard, incorporating content creation, collaboration and multi-channel publication.

Further information

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