Publication services
for Aerospace and Defence

Mekon Aerospace and Defence team provide a range of services to support your technical publication production.

Support for the Eclipse range of off-the-shelf products is provided as standard for the first twelve months and includes free updates to the products for as long the customer holds a valid support contract. Support is accessed via a dedicated email and phone service with all calls being logged and tracked. Where issues can’t be… Read more support

These custom developments can take a variety of forms, including: bespoke modifications of the standard Eclipse application functionality; bespoke modifications of the stylesheets in the Eclipse applications; bespoke stand-alone applications for specific tasks. Mekon take care to define the customer requirements in detail before starting work to be sure that the result delivers what the… Read more development

Whether it is keeping up to date with standards, becoming familiar with new ones or learning new tools and processes, training is always a requirement. Investing in relevant training in the tools and skills needed to do your job increases job security and job satisfaction for yourself and your team. At Mekon, we can offer… Read more training

The Aerospace and Defence team together have 70+ years of experience in the structured authoring and the Aerospace and Defence industry standards. We can provide help with many aspects of the documentation process such as Reviewing your existing documentation processes as part of a change to structured authoring or when planning for changes to your… Read more consultancy

Mekon have been developing and modifying stylesheets for a variety of applications and standards for many years for the Aerospace and Defence industry. Mekon have the knowledge and experience to develop bespoke templates within authoring tools or fully standards compliant stylesheets. Print stylesheets can be developed in a variety of applications including Antenna House Formatter… Read more stylesheets

Content conversion may not always be necessary, and some projects simply require content held in older versions of a standard to be brought up to the latest version. Alternatively, there may be a requirement to change standards completely, to bring ATA iSpec 2200 content into S1000D for example. For customers who may be new to… Read more conversion

Our specialist Consultant has over 20 years experience in this field and his conversion scripts are written to minimise the level of costly, and time-consuming, manual post-conversion clean-up that can often be required. Word files are first converted to well-formed XML. These files can be further split into separate files that match section levels in… Read more Word to S1000D XML

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