Common Source Database

Electronic documentation according the S1000D specification is generally managed in a Common Source Data Base (CSDB) due to the complex structure and linkage between the data modules (DMs) and Illustrations (ICNs).

In response to this need Mekon have developed notusCSDB using a tried and tested CMS platform. This light weight system has all the functionality needed to manage your S1000D content but without the high price tag and complex setup often found with the larger systems on the market and you can be assured of high standards of support provided by Mekon’s inhouse support team.

Business Rules checking – BREX

Business rules exchange in S1000D is a mechanism whereby multiple contractors can share a common set of rules to control their data.

The BREX DM is a special DM that contains the business rules. A data module may be compliant with the XML schema, but the business rules can apply additional limitations on the content, eg. a DM cannot be classed as ‘new’ if the issue number is greater than 001. While this is a simple example, ensuring you DMs meet the projects requirement is essential. The BREX checker can take all the pressure out of validating your DMs for you.

Data Reference Manager

It is so much easier to author consistent technical publications when you have common elements to choose from. Standard warnings and cautions, standard nomenclature for items, standard terms and phrases, etc.

In a standards-driven, highly technical word, consistency is essential. However, for projects with just a small team of authors and a small amount of data to produce, the cost of a full CSDB can be a deal-breaker when bidding for work. Our DRM is a plug-in for our Eclipse authoring tools that brings the benefits of a database without the overhead of a full CSDB solution.

Illustrated Parts generation

Creating standards-compliant illustrated parts lists or data modules from the output of a maintenance system such as S2000M or a logistic system such as S3000L can be daunting.

Our illustrated parts generator provides a system of templates to identify the key data in the illustrated parts lists and turn that into S1000D or iSpec 2200 compliant data, ready to produce the Illustrated Parts catalogue. The system lets you consistently take data updates and regenerate your parts catalogue with the minimum of effort.

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