Eclipse BREX Checker for S1000D

The Eclipse BREX Checker for S1000D, ATA and A350 provides rapid assessment of S1000D Data Modules and their conformance to the appropriate Business rules

Eclipse BREX Checker is an easy-to-use application which carries out a sophisticated task and provides an easy to understand output

Simple checking

It is an easy to use stand alone application that can check all S1000D DMs against the project’s  Business Rules Exchange DM


The Checker can process a single file or run in batch mode against an entire folder. Processing is extremely fast and the results are ready in moments


A log file details any deviation from the business rules for every DM checked. The logs are html so view in the checker or any web broswer

Do your DMs conform to your Business Rules?

S1000D introduced the BREX data module at Issue 2.2, so that a business or project could create a set of writing rules about the content of their data modules.

For example, the DTD or Schema might allow one or more items in a numbered list, but the business might decide a single item doesn’t make much sense. The Business Rules can add more rules beyond the schema, so in this example we could always require at least 2 items in a numbered list.

Business Rules (and the BREX DM) can cover far more than just authoring – the structure of the DM code and which codes are allowed, interaction between contractors, even how S1000D interfaces with other standards and specifications.

However, because the DTD or Schema has not be broken, your SGML or XML will still be valid. This is where you need a BREX Checker as well. The BREX Checker can ensure compliance with the Business Rules using the rule descriptions from the BREX DM.

S1000D BREX checker

S1000D BREX checker from Mekon Eclipse

Validate S1000D Data Modules against project Business Rules

Some authoring tools for S1000D may embed Business Rules within the application, but some rule type can only be checked after authoring is complete. Compliance must, therefore, be confirmed before information is Issued.

The Mekon Eclipse BREX Checker provides a tool for checking one or more S1000D Data Modules against a defined set of Business Rules.

Using a S1000D Business Rules Exchange (BREX) Data Module this generates a log file with details of any instances in the target Data Modules that don’t conform to the rules.

The BREX Checker can use any S1000D BREX Data Module and can check an individual file or an entire folder. Log files are produced with matching file names and are automatically deleted if, after editing, all the errors have been resolved.

The Mekon Eclipse BREX Checker comes with two published BREX files for default Civil Air BR requirements:

  • Airbus A350 Business Rules
  • ATA S1000D Business Rules

Additional BREX files can be used simply by copying the BREX Data Module into a program folder.

Ease of use

  • Choose the required BREX file from the drop down list
  • Choose single or multiple
  • Find the appropriate file or folder and choose Process

That’s it!


  • The log records any divergence from the Business Rules. One log file is produced for each DM
  • Log files are produced in HTML and saved in the source folder alongside their respective DMs
  • You can view the results in the BREX Checker application, or use any web browser
  • The log files can be automatically cleaned up, if desired.

Further information

For more information, contact Mekon.

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