Technical publication products
for Aerospace and Defence

Mekon Aerospace and Defence team have years of experience building products to help you create, manage and deliver your technical publications. From standards-based to completely bespoke, Mekon can help.

Our standards-based range includes authoring, management and delivery of a range of global products:

  • S1000D
    • All versions and data module types
    • Business Rules Exchange (BREX) checker
    • Common Source Database (CSDB)
  • ATA iSpec 2200:
    • Component Maintenance Manuals / Abrreviated Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM/ACMM)
    • Service Bulletins / Service Letters (SB/SL)
    • Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM)
    • Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogues (AIPC)
    • Engine Manuals (EM)
    • Engine Illustrated Parts Catalogs (EIPC)
  • Illustrated parts generator for S1000D and ATA
  • ShipDex
  • Crew Flight Manuals and Flight Reference Cards (FRC) / Flight Crew Checklists (FCC)

If your project requires something bespoke, whether in terms of the data you create, or just to deliver your data in a different format or style to meet your customer’s requirements, then Mekon can help. From customisation of existing products to new applications built to your requirement, we have the expertise backed by years of involvement at the highest levels with many of the standards’ governing bodies. Click the links below to explore our full range of products:

Products to help you create content, whether that is standards-based or a customised product that supports your project.

Managing content is critical to keep costs down. These products help to manage your content, provide workflow, version control and re-use. 

Modern technical publications can be delivered in many ways, but all require some form of publishing tool to get from raw data to the point of use.

Get a free trial of notusCSDB now

notusCSDB for S1000D trial

If you would like to find out more about how notusCSDB could fit in your environment, we would be happy to speak to you. We can run an online demonstration, then if you would like to know more we can set up a free trial for you using our securely-hosted notusCSDB trial platform. You and your team can try out the system for 30 days either using the S1000D 'Bike Pack' sample data we provide, or your own test data if you wish to upload that. The trial is fully functional in every respect.

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