Generate Crew Publications in Adobe FrameMaker with Mekon Eclipse

Aircraft crew require a different sort of information than that provided by a Maintenance Manual. They need more information on the aircraft and its systems from an operational point of view rather than how to take it apart and repair it.

The Eclipse Crew application provides the functionality to allow this information to be readily authored and output in a high quality and specific format. The application was originally created to provide for the specific needs of the RAF Handling Squadron, where the information is input by Pilots and other flying personnel.

The application provides for the following types of information:

  • Flight reference cards (FRC Topic 14)
  • Flight crew checklists (FCC Topic 14)
  • Aircrew manuals (AM Topic 15)
  • Operating data manuals (ODM Topic 16)

FRC / FCC – topic 14

Although the operational crew will be trained in what is required to fly and operate the aircraft, it is also necessary to provide them with shortened versions of the essential procedures required for specific situations, for example emergency situations. The format of this type of publication is in the form of FRCs (S1000D calls them FCCs), a small, easily carried handbook.

Although the creation of this information is relatively straightforward, the presentation in a form suitable for the operating crew is not. FRCs are categorised by coloured thumb tabs down the side of the card and Eclipse Crew provides the ability to produce output which can be printed directly with no further work.

Aircrew manual – topic 15

This manual type is intended to provide the operational crew with the information that they need to understand the particular aircraft, the systems contained in it and its full capability. This is mainly a descriptive type publication, which has added to it some of the functionality provided by expanded drills. This allows the author to provide descriptive content to assist the crew in understanding the information included in the FRCs.

Operating data manual – topic 16

This part of the Eclipse Crew application allows the authors to provide essential information regarding important items about the aircraft and its operation. For example:

  • Operational limits
  • Fuel capacity and range
  • Take off limits associated with overall aircraft weight
  • Payload
  • Types of munitions

This type of information is usually presented in a series of lists, graphs and diagrams.

Eclipse Crew variants

Some of Mekon’s clients who use the Crew Application have a need to provide the Crew type information in a different output format or slightly different structure. Mekon has undertaken application development on their behalf and have produced a number of variants.

The original Eclipse Crew application was created to accommodate the AvP70 structure and output. To date, two variants have been developed which are similar in form to the MiL-Spec Crew documents.

Mekon is happy to discuss your requirements for any variants of Eclipse Crew output you may need.

Further information

For more information, refer to the datasheet or contact Mekon.

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