Create Shipdex in Adobe FrameMaker with Mekon Eclipse

The Eclipse Shipdex for FrameMaker application makes it very easy for both experienced and inexperienced FrameMaker users to become very productive in generating S1000D Data Modules which conform to the Shipdex Protocol.

Guided Authoring

Eclipse Shipdex guides the Technical Author through the process of authoring content in the Shipdex Protocol version of S1000D without needing to know the intricacies of the Standard or Protocol. This leaves the Author free to focus on generating quality information. The Protocol limits the Author to the use of Descriptive, Procedural and IPD Data Module types only and this is respected by the Eclipse application.

In common with other S1000D Projects the content and structure of a number of attributes has been defined in the Shipdex Protocol. This Eclipse application is supplied with these values pre-defined. This means that only specific project items will need to be added.

Multiple Output Support

Eclipse Shipdex harnesses both the power of FrameMaker as well as its own functionality to provide an excellent set of formatting and output choices. Items like Table of Contents, List of Figures, Tables and Cross References can be generated or de-selected for specific types of document output. In-line applicability statements and page effectivity blocks can be automatically generated as needed as well as project or product specific attribute labels. The application provides high quality output for PDF and print as outlined in the S1000D specification as modified by the Shipdex Protocol.

Data Reference Manager

To improve the accuracy of data entry for items such as references to other Data Modules, Insertion of Graphics, Supplies, Spares and Support Equipment, Mekon has provided a tailored version of its Data Reference Manager to comply with the Shipdex Protocol rules. The Eclipse application is provided with an interface which allows the content of the Data Reference Manager to be changed and/or added to as required. The database tables for the Data Reference Manager may be located on a network to enable several authors to work with the same source information.

CSDB Connection Layer

As part of the application Mekon has developed an interconnectivity layer which permits connection to Common Source Database applications from Third Parties.

How the application is supplied

The Eclipse Shipdex application is supplied in two forms:

~ Standalone — In this form the application is standalone and is designed for use by a company that does not have the Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker application.

~ Plug-In — In this form the application is provided as a Plug-In to the Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker application. This form is designed for those who already have the standard S1000D application. Because of the different business rules aspect a menu item is provided to switch the plug-in on or off as appropriate.

Custom Development

The plug-in technology allows project specific add-ons to be developed that will allow additional formatting rules to work alongside or overwrite the S1000D formatting if required; this has already been done for projects like Tiger, JSF and Hawk.

For more information please contact Mekon.

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