Create S1000D in PTC Arbortext with Mekon Eclipse

The Eclipse S1000D for Arbortext application makes it easy for both experienced and inexperienced Arbortext users to produce fully complaint S1000D Data Modules.

Installed as a plugin to one of the industry’s leading editing tools, Mekon Eclipse provides enhanced functionality for the author.

Eclipse S1000D


Eclipse covers all issues of the standard from the earliest Issue 1.6 and is updated as new Issues become available


Eclipse integrates with our full notusCSDB or with our local data resource manager for access to external content


The output is fully formatted for print output and for inclusion in electronic delivery systems

Industry-leading S1000D solution for PTC Arbortext Editor users

Eclipse S1000D

With Eclipse S1000D for Arbortext, you can leverage your existing Arbortext installed base and still produce S1000D compliant output in SGML, XML, PDF or print, saving you time, money and reducing the cost of adopting the standard.

When your authors can continue to work with a product they are familiar with, it empowers them to focus on content production and increases quality and productivity.

Eclipse S1000D builds on the exceptional power and usability of PTC Arbortext to provide one of the most powerful intuitive S1000D publishing solutions on the market.

The quality of the interface, the range of configuration options and the quality of the output make this an automatic choice for those contemplating moving to the S1000D Specification.

S1000D editor plug-in for PTC Arbortext

Authoring with Mekon Eclipse

Ease of use

Insert graphics simply by previewing and picking the image from a list from our notusCSDB or the built-in Data Reference Manager (DRM). CGM Graphics containing hotspot information will automatically provide a selection tool to add all the necessary mark-up to the document to support hotspot references.

Easy access to items required for maintenance procedures information; ie spares, support equipment and supplies through the DRM. This comes as a standard part of the application with the tools to load the data into the DRM from a spreadsheet.

Authors can add standard warnings, cautions and notes from Common Information Repository Data Modules. The required content can be selected from a dialog and all required mark-up added to the document with a single click. The document can then be previewed with all the referenced content resolved to include all the text from the repository, and output to PDF, while still maintaining the source document in the correct form for use in electronic delivery.


The Eclipse tool allows customers to define separate sets of configuration data for different projects with the required configuration selected automatically based on the value of the data module’s Model Identification Code.

Customers can configure the output strings used for standard attribute values such as security classification, etc to provide local values which are then used by the stylesheets.


All issues of S1000D are supported from the earliest Issue 1.6 through to the latest Issue 5. New issues are added to the application as they are released and are available to customers frre as part of standard support.

All Data Module types for both SGML and XML are include with full print ready stylesheets for content related Data Module Types.

As part of the Mekon S1000D toolset, Mekon can provide a complete S1000D solution from content creation through management to delivery of print-oriented manuals and other publications. The content is fully compliant with the standard and is also ready for inclusion in other forms of electronic delivery.

Why do I need Mekon?

Industry experience

Mekon have worked with Arbortext Editor for many years developing applications, stylesheets and tools to support various authoring needs. Although our S1000D tools are compliant with the standard we can develop local solutions for formatting or editing tasks. We also provide training in both the tools and in the standard so that users have an understanding of the requirements for structured authoring with S1000D.

A solution that fits the problem

Taking on an S1000D project can be a considerable task and needs a lot of pre-planning and well thought out implementation. The Mekon team can leverage their 20 years’ experience of structured topic based authoring to assist you with every step of the process.

All this is backed by the high standard of support provided by Mekon’s in-house support and development teams.

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