Create iSpec 2200 EM / EIPC in PTC Arbortext with Mekon Eclipse

Eclipse iSpec 2200 EM/EIPC provides an Arbortext authoring and printing environment for Engine Manuals (EM) and Engine Illustrated Parts Catalogs (EIPC) compliant with ATA iSpec 2200. Output can be in SGML or PDF.

These applications add to the range of ATA iSpec 2200 solutions for Arbortext enabling you to leverage your existing Arbortext installed base saving you time, money and reducing the cost of adopting the standard.

Multiple Version Support

As with our other applications, the EM/EIPC application supports multiple versions of the relevant DTDs. The EM DTD is also used to support the following ATA iSpec 2200 manuals:


Customisation of the output is available using settings in a user customisable configuration file as well as personalisation of the output via support for multiple, user customisable logos for title page and page headers and separate address details.


The application produces auto-generated tables of contents, alphanumeric part lists, highlights page, etc and includes a range of other functionality to ease the process of authoring these documents. Also included is a conversion tool for transforming parts data from an Excel spreadsheet to SGML mark-up suitable for detailed parts list and part number file content in the AIPC.

Further information

For more information, refer to the datasheet or contact Mekon.

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