Create iSpec 2200 CMM / SB in PTC Arbortext with Mekon Eclipse

An industry solution for Arbortext designed specifically to meet the needs of the Air Transport Authority (ATA) Specification iSpec 2200, Mekon’s Eclipse iSpec 2200 for Arbortext is an authoring and publishing environment for the creation and production of Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs), and Service Bulletins (SBs) for civil aerospace applications.



  • Support for Multiple DTD issues – CMM versions 2 to 12 and SB versions 5 to 9


  • User definable configurations for MTOSS, codes, pageblock numbers
  • Configurable dates for LEP, TOC, record of revisions
  • Configurable number of levels for TOC
  • Configurable display of MTOSS numbers

Ease of use

  • Auto-generated tables of contents, alphanumeric part lists, highlights page, etc
  • Hot links between references, part numbers, TOC entries
  • Range of timesavers, like auto-copying of attributes


  • Full print stylesheets for standard ATA and Airbus variant layouts

SGML, PDF or Print Output

Eclipse iSpec 2200 for Arbortext lets you publish your Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) and Service Bulletins (SBs) to a wide range of output formats. You can publish SGML, PDF and high quality printed output to CDIM standard, but also allows some additional control to address customer driven alternatives.

MTOSS Management

Eclipse iSpec 2200 for Arbortext manages the creation and integrity of the required Maintenance Task Oriented Support System (MTOSS) codes, ensuring unique codes throughout the document while keeping the author’s additional work to the absolute minimum.

Attribute Setting

Automatic attribute setting dramatically reduces creation and editing time. It also reduces the opportunity for human error. Even a small ATA document will have hundreds of attributes that need to be managed. With Eclipse iSpec 2200 for Arbortext, when you set an attribute value it will be copied down the structure to all the elements that need it.

Effective Anchors

Eclipse iSpec 2200 for Arbortext can generate the LEA at any point during the editing process. When you are ready to deliver your ATA SGML documents, the LEA is ready at the same time so that it can be sent as part of the delivery package as required by iSpec 2200.

Illustrated Parts List (IPL)

The Illustrated Parts List (IPL) forms an integral part of the CMM application, with the information formatted in accordance with ATA recommendations. Having entered the parts data into the IPL, use Eclipse iSpec 2200 to automatically generate the CMM equipment and numerical indexes, and the list of Optional Parts saving considerable amounts of time and improving the overall quality and accuracy of the CMM.

Further information

For more information, refer to the datasheet or contact Mekon.

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