As a vendor-independent consultancy, Mekon has spent years accumulating expertise on all the market-leading content tools, and keeping on top of the latest niche developments.

All our main products are standards/specification based and staff maintain a close observation of the direction of these. Some clients require specialised projects which may be based on our mainstream products to enable them to carry out a specific task. Other clients ask us to create application to specifications which are similar to the main focus of or department.



Adobe is one of the world’s leading software vendors providing a wide range of content solutions, from static to dynamic.

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PTC solutions for publishing enables companies to automate the assembly and publishing of product or service information in multiple languages and formats.

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Antenna House

Antenna House, Inc. was founded in August of 1984 in Tokyo, Japan, as a software company, focused on data usability.


Technology has always been at the heart of Mekon and integrating technology into our customer’s businesses to make them even more efficient has always been our aim.

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