Developing Custom Applications or Stylesheets to Customer’s Specific Business Requirements

What you might not know about Mekon is that we have a vast experience in developing custom applications to customer’s specific business requirements. We work with different standards including DITA, S1000D, and ATA, and use technologies such as FOSI, XSLT, XSLFO, C++ , JAVA and FrameMaker FDK.

Using our technology and product expertise we can develop applications designed to address a specific requirement for a particular business case. These may be custom functionality for authoring applications, changes to standard formatting for a particular client, or complete standalone applications. Our objective is always to understand your end requirements and propose the right solution for your needs.

Whether you require custom stylesheet development or a specific application or customisation of existing tools we are happy to help. Just a few of our recent projects include:

• Making changes and developing new stylesheet and HTML output for a leading train manufacture.
• Developing application and producing stylesheets for ATA CMP needed for Boing777X suppliers
• Producing stylesheets for leading US fighter plane using Antenna House rendering engine.
• Converting SGML documents to HTML and XML for a large software company
• Migrating XML under a custom schema to DITA and writing custom DITA-OT plugins to output to PDF, Word docx, HTML, and Excel for a financial standards organisation.
• Transforming XML content from a typographic layout to an alternative ‘digital-first’ DITA architecture and writing custom DITA-OT plugins to output to PDF, ePub and Oxygen WebHelp for an insurance institute.

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