ASD Simplified Technical English (STE)

Simplified Technical English (formerly AECMA Simplified English) is now mandated as part of the ASD S1000D standard and is widely used throughout the Aerospace and Defence industry.

STE was developed to help the users of English-language documentation in the aerospace sector understand what they read, particularly in multinational programs. It is not only for those who do not have English as their native language, but also for those who do.

Although originally developed for the Aerospace industry, it is suitable for every type of technical documentation. The specification has many definitions and examples of application in general technical areas and the rules for writing can be used for any industry.

The primary components of Simplified Technical English are a set of writing rules for style and grammar, and a dictionary containing about 1,000 approved words. Also included are a thesaurus and guidelines for adding words to the approved technical vocabulary.