DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)

DITA is a standard for writing and storing content in modular, format-independent ‘topics’..

These topics are ‘information units’, which are smaller than a whole document or traditional book ‘chapter’.  Each covers a single process, concept, reference, etc.  By separating content into topics, it can then be managed, reused, and updated independently even when used in multiple documents or publications. Unlike other “fixed” standards like HTML or DocBook, DITA is not only an XML specification, but provides a system of “Specialisation” which allows one to extend DITA, by adding elements for specific departmental or company needs.

DITA is the fastest growing information standard for technical information.  It is in use in organisations like Nortel, Cisco, Nokia, IBM, Adobe, Research In Motion (RIM, makers of the Blackberry), Schlumberger, Motorola and many more.