ASD S2000M

The ASD S2000M standard defines the Materiel Management processes and procedures to be used in support of aircraft and other aerospace airborne and ground equipment.

Customer value for money is a major procurement driver in any business and it is generally accepted that the cost of through-life support is often greater than that of the original purchase. As a result, the Customer requires that through-life materiel support considerations are included in the design process and is demonstrated as part of the procurement process.

Originally developed for the Defense Industry, from Issue 4.0 of the specification the scope has been extended to include land and sea specific applications and can now also be used for the support of both military and civil products.

The aim of the specification is to cut costs by internationally agreeing procedures, terminology, and an electronic means of exchanging information, in order to facilitate commercial traffic in spares and repair, throughout the life of an equipment program.

S2000M is maintained and updated by the S2000M Maintenance and Co-ordination Group (MCG) supported by the NATO Maintenance & Supply Agency (NAMSA). Using a common data set, S2000M defines business rules to be followed at various stages of the material management process, and provides various sets of standard messages that are to be used by business partners to exchange information in an unambiguous way.