ASD S1000D

ASD S1000D is becoming the de facto standard for technical publication work within the Defence and Aerospace industries.

Although originally a specification for use within the Aircraft Industry, it has been enlarged to encompass Land, Sea and Air platforms, first by the UK MOD as Def Stan 00-60 and later by ASD themselves. It has its origins in Europe but now it has become international in nature with a number of countries taking part in its future development (and maintenance). With this enlargement in both scope and the international aspect, the specification is now also very suitable for work within the Civilian engineering industries. A number of non-military projects have either adopted it or are contemplating doing so.

Two related protocols have been developed for the Shipping Industry (Shipdex) and Railway industry (Raildex) using S1000D as the base standard and configured with a set of Business Rules.

Mekon Aerospace and Defence consultants have long experience of the specification, some having been involved in its development since its inception. Their participation continues in various Working Groups and Task Groups.