Introduction to Business Rules

This course gives a clear understanding what Business Rules are about. Learn that you are not only already dealing with them – every day in your work – but also have created a number of their various kinds.

Learn about the whole spectrum of Business Rule and find out how they relate to your company’s business and product plans. Explore the most efficient ways to structure, design, generate and maintain your Business Rules and by that assure your products’ or services’ longevity and sustainability.

Who should attend this course?

All department and project managers as well as persons responsible for product or service development.

Duration 1 Day
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Location Sutton, Surrey, UK / On-site / Remote


Benefits of attending this course brings various decisions made by a company about their products or services in a clear and logical order. You will discover what is already in place and what is still missing in Business Rules of you company, why you have certain problems with your planning, production or maintenance processes and how you can adjust them to make them more efficient. You will learn that all business rules documents are living documents and you will find out how to keep them up to date.

Length of course

1 Day

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Course outline

  • Business Rules (BR) definition and their difference from Business and Product Plans
  • Business Rules types defined in a simple and memorable way, and in order of their creation
  • Importance of communication while defining and maintaining Business Rules
  • Relation between Business Rules and all processes within your company
  • Efficient ways to maintain Business Rules
  • Do’s and don’t’s when working with BusinessRules.

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