Introduction to S1000D

This course is a generic course for those who wish to gain knowledge of the S1000D specification, how to implement it and its implications for technical publications.

Who should attend this course?

This course is for anyone who needs an understanding of the principles of S1000D prior to implementing the standard.

Duration 2 Days
Price Call for details
Location Sutton, Surrey, UK / On-site / Remote


The course provides a background understanding of the standard and the technical requirements that will need to be considered as part of the planning for any S1000D implementation.

Length of course

2 Days

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Course outline

Why S1000D?

  • A brief outline covering why S1000D is relevant to current documentation projects.

S1000D Background

  • To provide and insight into the history of S1000D, its current development and associated work.

Introduction to SGML/XML

  • What is SGML
  • How does it help
  • How does it work
  • Content models
  • Formatting

System infrastructure for S1000D

  • Components of a full S1000D system
  • Core and optional components.

Productivity impacts

  • Consequences of introducing S1000D.

S1000D configuration and business rules introduction

  • The relevance of the S1000D configuration requirements
  • The application of Business Rules and their purpose
  • How business rules are implemented.

Data Modules (DM)

  • What are data modules, modular authoring, implications
  • DM identification
  • DM code
  • Standard numbering systems
  • Illustration control numbers.

Other DM types

  • Data Module Lists
  • Data dispatch Notes
  • BREX


  • Types of output and requirements.

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