Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker

This Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker course covers the functionality of the Mekon Eclipse S1000D plugin and the processes for creation of valid S1000D data modules.

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at technical authors who understand how to prepare structured documents and who require to work with S1000D data modules.

Duration 2 Days
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Location Sutton, Surrey, UK / On-site / Remote


This introduction to Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker course will give you the skills necessary to work with various types of data module using FrameMaker and the Mekon Eclipse plugin. You will be confident to work with data modules, edit and author the contents and validate the results

Length of course

2 Days

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Course outline


  • A definition of XML
  • Disadvantages of maintaining documents in proprietary formats
  • Advantages of storing documents in XML format
  • The principal components of an XML document
  • Industry-standard DTDs
  • Parsing XML documents.

ASD S1000D

  • The purpose of ASD S1000D
  • The history of S1000D
  • Benefits of using S1000D
  • The Common Source Database and the Data Module Requirements List
  • Data module types and core structure.

Using FrameMaker

  • Using FrameMaker to process SGML/XML documents
  • Default processing
  • Processing using a structured application
  • The components of a structured application.

Descriptive Data Modules

  • Eclipse Create S1000D Preferences
  • Build on open and include TOC in build
  • Data module structure
  • Adding new content to the data module
  • Editing techniques
  • Inserting single- and multi-graphic figures
  • Setting board numbers, notation and entity declarations
  • Editing and formatting figure titles
  • Inserting cross-references
  • Manually and automatically updating cross-references
  • Locating and fixing unresolved cross- reference
  • Inserting tables
  • CALS table structure
  • Adding and formatting data
  • Customizing the table
  • Inserting caption groups Validation
  • Exporting SGM/XML.

Procedural Data Modules

  • Data module structure
  • Adding new content to the data module
  • Referencing another data module
  • Updating the references section
  • Inserting ISO special entities
  • Inserting symbols
  • Adding foldout pages and changing page size
  • Inserting warnings, cautions and notes
  • Final output build.

Identification & Status Information

  • Hide/Show
  • Data module address
  • Security classification
  • Responsible partner company and originator
  • Applicability
  • Technical standard
  • Quality assurance status
  • Validating the data module
  • Exporting SGML/XML.

Making Changes to a Data Module

  • When to update a data module
  • Changing the unique identifier
  • Changing the issue number and date
  • Changes to content and status
  • Change marks
  • Changes to figures and tables
  • Change, Mark, Level and Reason for Change attributes.

Error Handling

  • Parsing a structured document
  • Error reporting and logs
  • Editing the application definitions file to identify where graphics are stored
  • Printing information to the console
  • Mekon Costumer support.

Dynamic Element Renaming and Security Profiles

  • Dynamic element naming
  • S1000D security levels
  • S1000D application security profiles.

Flight Reference Cards Data Module

  • S1000D application templates
  • Adding and duplicating steps in a drill
  • Refreshing step numbers in a drill Nesting steps
  • Specifying a conditional case
  • Specifying a nested if condition
  • Adding sub drills
  • Thumb tabs
  • Validating the data module
  • Exporting SGML/XML.

IPD Data Module

  • IPD structure
  • Adding illustrations
  • Editing and formatting a figure title
  • Editing and formatting the IPD
  • Adding items to the IPD
  • Validating the data module
  • Exporting SGML/XML.

Fault Isolation Procedure Data Module

  • Fault isolation procedure structure
  • Creating a new FIP document
  • Preliminary requirements
  • Adding steps to the FIP
  • Questions and answers
  • Reference information
  • Identification and status information
  • Validating the data module
  • Exporting SGML/XML.

Schedule Data Module

  • Schedule data module structure
  • Creating a new schedule document
  • Inspection definition
  • Task lists
  • Identification and status information
  • Validating the data module
  • Exporting SGML/XML.

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