Eclipse iSpec AMM/AIPC for Arbortext

This course covers the functionality of the Mekon Eclipse iSpec  AMM/AIPC authoring application for Arbortext. It covers both the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) and Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog (AIPC) manuals from the ATA iSpec 2200 specification. It includes a basic introduction to Arbortext Editor, the functionality of the plugin and the processes for the creation, revision and publication of the manuals.

Who should attend this course?

The course is aimed at technical authors who need to create, revise and publish AMM and AIPC manuals.

Duration 2 Days
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Location Sutton, Surrey, UK / On-site / Remote


The course will covers all the operations necessary to produce AMM and AIPC manuals compliant to the ATA iSpec 2200 specification.

Length of course

2 Days

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Course outline

Arbortext Editor


  • Creating a new document
  • Controlling The Epic Editor Window
  • Collapsing and Expanding Individual Elements & Divisions
  • Editing Text
  • Inserting Symbols
  • Generated Text

Inserting and Editing Markup

  • Inserting Elements
  • Selecting Elements and Text
  • Finding Text and Markup
  • Copying and Pasting Text and Markup
  • Using “Split” and “Join”
  • Deleting Elements
  • Moving text and markup


  • Adding and Modifying Attribute Values


  • Context checking
  • Using the Completeness Checker



  • Inserting a New Table
  • Navigating and Selecting in a Table
  • Editing Within A Table
  • Inserting Markup
  • Modifying Cell Format & Borders
  • Table Widths
  • Row Heights

Using the DTD Viewer

Tag Templates

Mekon Application

Introduction to the app

  • What it covers
  • DTD versions


General authoring

  • Auto insertion of attributes
  • MTOSS codes
  • Special copy
  • Using file entities
  • Cross references
  • Print preview
  • PDF production


Utilities menu

  • Revision tools
  • Revision process
  • Strip file
  • Pageblock preview
  • Output properties
  • Page header graphics
  • Address


  • Document structures
  • Link PNR file


  • Document structures

Excel to AIPC Conversion tool

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