Eclipse iSpec 2200 CMM/SB for Arbortext

The Mekon Eclipse iSpec 2200 Application course will equip the student with the necessary skills to produce and update Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs), Abbreviated Component Maintenance Manuals, (ACMMs) and Service Bulletins (SBs) to meet the requirements of the ATA iSpec 2200 standard, using the Mekon Eclipse plugin.

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at technical authors who need to understand how to prepare structured documents using the ATA iSpec 2200 standard with FrameMaker and the Mekon Eclipse iSpec 2200 plugin.

Duration 2 Days
Price Call for details
Location Sutton, Surrey, UK / On-site / Remote


This course is essential to understand the full functionality of the Eclipse plugin for creating and revising CMM and SB documents using Arbortext.

Length of course

2 Days

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Course outline

What is SGML and why is it important?

  • A definition of SGML
  • The principal components of an SGML document
  • The importance of parsing SGML documents.

iSpec 2200

  • Background and purpose of iSpec 2200
  • Benefits of using iSpec 2200 DTD types and core structure.

Mekon Eclipse iSpec 2200

  • The iSpec 2200 menu
  • The iSpec 2200 User Guide.

Creating a new CMM

  • CMM book structure
  • Setting preferences
  • Setting attribute values
  • Copying attribute values

Working with pageblocks

  • Pageblock structure, Tasks, Task structure models
  • MTOSS codes, Topics, Subtasks, Procedure lists
  • Pageblock numbering

Illustrated Parts List pageblock

  • Adding parts content

Revising a CMM

  • Revision management, Setting revision dates
  • Revision marking
  • Change reason attributes, Incremental revisions, Temporary revisions.

Service Bulletins

  • Setting preferences
  • Creating a new service bulletin, Service bulletin structure, Preparing the service bulletin Service bulletin revision numbers.


  • The difference between a CMM and an ACMM
  • Creating a new ACMM
  • ACMM structure
  • Preparing the ACMM pageblock
  • The ACMM Illustrated Parts List.

Error Handling

  • How to parse an SGML document
  • Error reporting
  • Parsing errors.

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