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More Small Apps for S1000D Users

Not long ago I indicated that Mekon had introduced a number of standalone applications which makes working with parts of the S1000D Specification a little less painful. Then I introduced the Assisted DDN creation and Assisted IPD creation tools. This time I am introducing two more: Publication Module Generator BREX Checker Publication Module Generator There… Read more More Small Apps for S1000D Users

Small Apps for S1000D Users

Very very rarely do I ever push applications which Mekon has on its shelves but on this occasion I thought that I would flag up some useful stuff. Our clients are from a wide range of sizes from the large corporate to the much smaller one or two person band. All are equally important to… Read more Small Apps for S1000D Users

More Missing Bits

Following on from the previous Blog about missing bits I have recently discovered another Element that is not always where it was in the past. In fact it has been removed from the Procedural Module. The, some love it, Element – Caption Group. I was doing some in depth testing recently and tried to check… Read more More Missing Bits

Missing Bits

Over the years the S1000D Specification has gained quite a few additional features which have in the main been useful. Granted some of the features have been questionable and some in the community have wondered where the ideas have come from or even why they have been added. Level Attribute Some of you may remember… Read more Missing Bits

Windows Update and FrameMaker

Some of you who are using Windows 10, and I understand that this is an increasing number, may have been afflicted by the Windows Update in June this year. FrameMaker is an application which is much used in the Technical Publications industry. In it unstructured form this has been in use for many years mainly… Read more Windows Update and FrameMaker

Component Maintenance Publications

In the last 12 months there have been two specifications for Component Mainteance Publications derived from S1000D Data Modules. Airbus CDIM for the A350 Aircraft ATA Spec 1000BR_4.2 (aka Civil Aviation Busines Rules for S1000D Issue 4.2) Airbus CDIM for A350 aircraft. Last year Airbus brought out their specification for creating S1000D Component Mainteancne Publication… Read more Component Maintenance Publications

The Spread of S1000D

Several Years Ago Several years ago, to be honest more years ago than I care to think about, my job was as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy. My observation then was that it was a good job that my training had been very much hands on with the current equipment of the day… Read more The Spread of S1000D

A new S1000D Blog Reader Poll

Up to Now In my last blog I summarised what the S1000D Blog Readers Poll had recorded. It set me thinking that what had been recorded before was ok but things needed to move on. When the poll was started most users were working with only one S1000D Issue. We have come to see from… Read more A new S1000D Blog Reader Poll