Eclipse iSpec2200 for FrameMaker demonstration videos

A series if six short videos demonstrating some of the features of the Mekon’s Eclipse iSpec2200 for FrameMaker product.

1. Introduction

Introduces the iSpec 2200 for FrameMaker application, providing a quick overview of the features provided.

15 mins


2. Templates

Eclipse iSpec 2200 provides the means for a user to create their own template to satisfy their client’s requirements.

4.5 mins


3. Tasks

The iSpec 2200 provides for five different Task types. This application allows the user to select the type required in the publication.

9 mins


4. Illustrated Parts List

The Illustrated Parts List constitutes and important part of the CMM. The initial IPL PageBlock provides some typical text to explain what the various parts of the IPL indicate.

7 mins


5. Abbreviated CMM

For those components which required only very short documentation, the ACMM is an ideal means of providing the information required. The Eclipse iSpec 2200 application provides the functionality to create and maintain this document.

5 mins


6. Revision

Revision management forms an important part of working with CMM and ACMM publications. The iSpec 2200 application has the Revision Management tightly integrated into it.

14.5 mins