Eclipse BookBuild: demonstration videos

A series of short videos produced to help users to see how some of the functions work and how easy some aspects of Eclipse BookBuild are to understand.

1. Introduction

An introduction to the Eclipse BookBuild (for S1000D) providing brief discussion of the application’s purpose and features.

10 mins


2. Creating a BookBuild file – An Introduction

An introduction to the requirements for the creation of a BookBuild file.

21 mins


3. Creating a BookBuild file – The Basic Method

A presentation showing the creation of the BookBuild file using a basic procedure.

13 mins


4. Creating a BookBuild file – Using existing Publication Module

A presentation showing the creation of the BookBuild file using a previously created S1000D Publication Module.

13 mins


5. Building the Book

A presentation process of building a Book using BookBuild.

9 mins


6. Building the Book – Live Build

A ‘live’ build showing the Log Console to demonstrate the various stages of the build process.

11 mins


7. Preparing for the Next Issue of the Book

Moving the BookBuild file from one issue to the next.

5 mins


Consultancy – Mekon Undertaking Book Building

In the past Mekon has undertaken to build books for clients. The reasons for this are numerous and include

  • The client not wanting to become familiar with the application
  • Not enough work to warrant purchasing the application
  • Unfamiliarity with S1000D and having Data Module provided by a contractor.

If you wish to explore this method of working please do not hesitate to contact Mekon for a full discussion of your requirements.

More Information

For more information about our Eclipse products, or any specific function, please contact a member of the Mekon Aerospace and Defence Department.