Eclipse ATA CMP BookBuild demonstration

A short video demonstrating the operation of the Mekon Eclipse ATA CMP BookBuild application.

The Eclipse ATA CMP BookBuild application is designed to enable users to produce an ATA Component Maintenance Publication (CMP) from a number of S1000D Issue 4.2 Data Modules which have been created to the ATA CMP Business Rules. Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker is a suitable application for creating these modules as it has a preference for working to the ATA CMP Busines Rules.

The build process is driven from a compliant Publication Module and requires little input from the user. Becuase the application has been designed in accordance with the Business Rules there are no user options which can affect the output.

The application creates the initial publication and, at the same time, because there is no historical updating information in Issue 4.2 Data Modules, a History file is created. This file is used to track changes in subsequent updates. Creating the updates is very straightforward using, as it does, the next issue of the Publication Module

This video shows the various background facts and demonstrates the application in use.

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