Eclipse A350 BookBuild demonstration video

Demonstrating the creation of an A350 CMM from S1000D Data Modules which complies with the A350 CDIM.

The Eclipse A350 BookBuild application enables compliant S1000D Data Modules to be rapidly converted into an A350 CDIM Component Maintenance Manual (CMM).

The application creates a PDF file from the Data Modules that includes Special Modules such as Front Cover, List of Acronyms and Table of Contents. Cross referencing between the various Data Modules is automatically resolved and all cross references in the PDF are converted to Hypertext Links. The PDF file can be used to print the CMM to produce a hard copy or delivered as is to provide a straightforward IETP.

Provided the various files have been located in accordance with the A350 CDIM, creating the CMM is just three clicks away.

The video (13 min)

This video shows the creation of the A350 CMM from start to finish. It introduces some of the requirements of the A350 CDM and then demonstrates the actual creation of the output PDF file.

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