Eclipse BookBuild

Mekon has developed versatile Publishing Applications for producing books using ASD S1000D Data Modules as the data source. Two versions of the application are available:

ASD S1000D Compliant publication

The Eclipse BookBuild application enables a user to build and print a multi-volume/chapter paper publications from concatenated Data Modules.

A full decimalised Chapter layout can be specified during initial creation of the Book. The Data Modules are combined in this application to provide a Traditional printed manual.

The order in which data modules appear in the publication can be pre-determined by the user and the application resolves the entire cross-referencing contained within the data modules. The plug-in also creates tables of contents, list of effective pages, list of tables, and list of figures etc are created/updated automatically each time a book is built, thus ensuring that the supporting information is always correct.

Change markers and page effectivity are also handled by this application with data complying with simple S1000D based business rules.

A number of options are provided to customise the output and to select the various regular information items that appear on S1000D Compliant pages.

Output can be directed either to a printer or to create a PDF file. In the PDF file full chapter bookmarks are automatically created. With all cross-referencing being hypertext enabled, this type of file may be used for a very useful IETP.

Sample output

To give prospective users an appreciation of some of the features Mekon has made available a BookBuild PDF output which uses the ASD S1000D Issue 4.1 Bike Pack Data Modules. 


Download the BookBuild data sheet (PDF 503 KB)


Download the BookBuild sample output (PDF 5.9 MB)


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