Eclipse ATA CMP BookBuild

Publish ATA S1000D Component Maintenance Publications (CMP) to PDF

The ATA S1000D Business Rules specify a specific layout for the CMP publication. The new Mekon Eclipse ATA CMP BookBuild application generates a fully compliant Component Maintenance Publication (CMP) in PDF format that conforms to this specification.

The application is a standalone product working independently of your authoring or CSDB applications leveraging the power of Antenna House formatter to provide the rendering to PDF and hence  requires a licensed copy of Antenna House formatter. (Contact Mekon for details of the requirements).

Eclipse ATA CMP BookBuild takes a Publication Module as its starting point to create a composite document from the Data Modules referenced within it. This is then formatted and rendered to PDF using the formatting rules described in the standard.

The application generates the various additional dynamic content required by the CMP format (for example, Tables of Contents, List of effective Data Modules, Numerical Index of parts and several other Front Matter requirements). The application also provides filtering of the PDF content using the S1000D applicability model.

Eclipse ATA  CMP BookBuild is already being used successfully by several Mekon clients to deliver to the Boeing 777X program.

View Eclipse ATA CMP BookBuild demo
Download Eclipse ATA CMP BookBuild data sheet (PDF)

Please contact for more information on this product.