Mekon Eclipse Parts List Generators

Generate standards compliant markup for Illustrated Parts Data for S1000D or Illustrated Parts List for iSpec 2200.

Illustrated Parts Lists are one of the most essential technical publications required for the support of any complex equipment. The conversion of raw parts data into standards compliant markup that can be incorporated into technical documentation has always been one of the most complex parts of the documentation process.

Even with systems that can provide the data as a spreadsheet there has been no easy means of incorporating the data into structured content without re-keying or lengthy cut and paste operations.

The Mekon Eclipse Parts List Generators provide tools for converting to the required markup and comes in two editions for S1000D and for ATA iSpec 2200.  A map is created to associate content from a spreadsheet (CSV format) to the required markup and this can then be used to generate the required markup from any spreadsheet with the same layout.

We have produced a series of short videos demonstrating some of the features of both the Mekon Eclipse IPD Generator for S1000D and Mekon Eclipse IPL Generator for iSpec 2200 products.

Eclipse IPD for S1000D videos Eclipse IPL for iSpec 2200 videos

Both editions of the tool have the same general functionality and mapping system but are designed to generate output for their specific standard. Designed to complement the Mekon authoring tools for S1000D and iSpec2200, output from these tools can be easily incorporated into existing content and Data Module sets.

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