Eclipse BREX Checker

Validate S1000D Data Modules against project Business Rules

Business rules are decisions that are made by a project or an organization on how to implement S1000D. Business rules cover all aspects of S1000D and are not limited to authoring.

They can also address issues that are not defined in S1000D such as rules related to how S1000D interfaces with other standards. specifications and business processes that are related to its implementation.

For organizations providing content as part of a larger project, those Business Rules relating to the authoring document are the most important. Authors will need to create content that complies with the Business Rules of the Project..

Some authoring applications may embed these Business Rules within an application, but full compliance can often only be checked after authoring is complete.

The Mekon Eclipse BREX Checker provides a tool for checking one or more S1000D Data Modules against a defined set of Business Rules.

Using a S1000D Business Rules Exchange (BREX) Data Module this generates a log file with details of any instances in the target Data Modules that don’t conform to the rules.

The BREX Checker can use any S1000D BREX Data Module and can check an individual file or an entire folder. Log files are produced with matching file names and are automatically deleted if, after editing, all the errors have been resolved.

The Mekon Eclipse BREX Checker comes with two published BREX files

  • Airbus A350 Business Rules
  • ATA S1000D Business Rules

Additional BREX files can be used simply by copying the BREX Data Module into a program folder.


  • Checking of single file or an entire folder.
  • Log files contain error details and an error count.
  • Additional BREX files can be added as required.

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