Bitesize Business Rules Series as a Book

In this post, our Business Rules (BR) trainer Victoria Ichizli-Bartels will introduce to you her new book on S1000D, which is an edited and revised collection of articles of this very series, Bitesize Business Rules.

A little more than two years ago, I wrote an article titled, “Introducing Bitesize business rules” .

A couple of months prior, I was invited by Susanne Berg from Mekon Ltd to write short monthly articles for a series they called Bitesize Business Rules. The idea was to share tips, tricks, and insights into S1000D Business Rules in small, digestible chunks. They had already such Bitesize series on the ASD Simplified Technical English (STE), which was well received.

At a meeting on a possible collaboration, Susanne suggested that I author short articles on S1000D business rules. I liked the idea; however, I couldn’t guess where this journey would lead and what pieces I would write. I had a few issues I wanted to address, but at the beginning, I was a bit skeptical whether such a complex, colossal and at the same vital topic in S1000D can be broken down in small, easily understandable pieces.

But, as I wrote this series, bit by bit, or in other words “bite” by “bite,” I realized that the whole, initially overwhelming, the topic became less daunting when processed gradually, and if not completely easy, then it was definitely easier than before.

The feedback from readers of the Bitesize Business Rules series was very positive – the contents clearly resonated with them, and many felt that it helped them to grasp the topic better than ever before.

A year and a half later, I realized that I touched all or most of all of the general topics on business rules and S1000D business rules in particular.

At that time, while teaching S1000D to persons of various roles and environments, I found myself recommending either some or all of the articles of the Bitesize series. This is how the idea to publish the series as a book was born.

I asked Susanne, what she thought of it and she liked the idea. More than that, Mekon Ltd granted me the copyright for the articles, and I am very grateful for that. It was important to me to make this material even more valuable and also more accessible in one resource for those who might profit from it.

So this book is a revised, updated and professionally edited version of this series on business rules.

In it, you can learn what business rules are and why they are vital. You can find out which of the chapters in S1000D is a must-read before starting to define your project and your organization’s business rules.

You can also learn about the two XML Schemas providing the full set of tools to capture, maintain, exchange, and apply business rules for the capture, maintenance, and transfer of technical data.

Here is the description of this little book titled brDoc, BREX, and Co.: S1000D Business Rules Made Easier:

Are you implementing S1000D? Then business rules will be in big bold letters on one of your to-do lists. But how to address them, when there are hundreds and hundreds of decision points in the S1000D?

This little book offers nineteen articles to break down the complex concept into easier, more digestible “bites.” Some explanations are repeated in various articles to help you to refresh your memory in case of longer breaks between those “tastings” of information.

By the end of this book you will have a better understanding of S1000D business rules and the structures supporting them. And finally they will become much less overwhelming to address.

brDoc, BREX, and Co.: S1000D Business Rules Made Easier

About Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Victoria has been working with S1000D since 2004, first for German Defence, then for a major S1000D software vendor and today as part of her own business. In the S1000D community, Victoria serves as the Business Rules Working Group (BRWG) chair since 2005.

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