Mekon notusCSDB new product!

Mekon are pleased to announce the launch of the notusCSDB in 2020.

Mekon have worked with several CSDB’s over the years, supporting customers to manage their S1000D content in an efficient way. Many of these CSDB’s are very sophisticated and capable, which brings complexity and a high price tag. Having spoken to many component manufacturers, where often smaller teams are managing the authoring process, we have identified the need for a lower cost, easy to deploy CSDB as they struggle to justify the large budget and complexity.

In response to this need Mekon have developed notusCSDB using a tried and tested CMS platform. This light weight system has all the functionality needed to manage your S1000D content but without the high price tag and complex setup often found with the larger systems on the market and you can be assured of high standards of support provided by Mekon’s inhouse support team.

We are expecting V1 of the Mekon notusCSDB to be released Q1.

notusCSDB-Author  notusCSDB-Manager

To find out more about notusCSDB please email