Publish XML or SGML with Mekon Eclipse Batch to PDF

Eclipse Batch to PDF fills that need for those many occasions when provides a simple way to create output for internal edit checking or Quality Assurance/Verification purposes.

A very suitable format to perform this task is PDF, but the production of a range of individual XML or SGML files into PDFs can be a laborious task. Mekon Batch to PDF can batch process any number of SGML/XML files to produce PDF outputs.

The user can expect the standard high quality output, which is usual when generating PDF files from Adobe FrameMaker.

One to one, or many to one

These PDF files can be commented on by the addressee and returned for updating of the original SGML file. PDF files from varying quantities of SGML or XML files. The application creates a a range of PDF file outputs, like a PDF per XML/SGML file or combining all the individual SGML or XML files into a single PDF.

Automatic bookmarks

Bookmarks between the documents in the individual PDF output can be created to allow for rapid navigation between the files.

Sample output

To give prospective users an appreciation of some of the features Mekon has made available a rolling demo of the main features of Eclipse Batch to PDF is available in the resources area (1.5Mb ZIP file containing a Windows executable).

More information

For more information, refer to the datasheet or contact Mekon.

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