Eclipse ATA CMP solution


Mekon have developed a new version of Eclipse BookBuild application to support the requirements for producing S1000D based Component Maintenance Publications for the Boeing 777 aircraft. Boeing have specified that the content should be created in S1000D Issue 4.2, using the ATA S1000D 4.2 Business Rules and layout for print.

The BookBuild tool has been pre-configured to comply with the ATA S1000D 4.2 BREX that Boeing is using for the 777 program.

The application accepts S1000D Data modules that have been created using the ATA S1000D 4.2 BREX and automatically creates a compliant Component Maintenance Publication as a PDF file. The output is configured by an S1000D compliant Publication Module to determine the structure of the document and the Data Modules to be used. All relevant Tables of Contents and other ‘management’ pages are automatically generated and included in the publication.


To complement the ATA CMP BookBuild output, the Mekon Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker application has been extended to work with the ATA CMP BREX. The application can now reference a Business Rules Exchange file (BREX) supplied with the package. Using this BREX file the application constrains the author’s choice of elements in certain contexts. This prevents an author from inserting elements where they are not allowed.

The publication module used for specifying the publication content can also be created with the Eclipse application.


For any Business rules that can’t be controlled within the Authoring tool Mekon has released an Eclipse Business Rules Checker that has the CMP 4.2 BREX already pre-loaded. This will allow you to check a single DM or a folder of DMs before delivering to your end-user, avoiding a lengthy approval process.

For more information on any of the tools above please email moc.n1548060665okem@1548060665greb.1548060665ennas1548060665uS1548060665 or call 0044 020 87228400