Eclipse ATA solution

The Mekon Eclipse ATA solution can provide tools for the creation and publication of a range of the ATA document types from individual Component Maintenance Manuals to much larger Aircraft Maintenance Manuals.

Mekon have tools for use with both Arbortext and FrameMaker for some manual types but the requirements of some of the manual types mean that other manual types are available for Arbortext only.

The current range of manuals we support are:

  • Arbortext and FrameMaker
    • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
    • Service Bulletin (SB)
  • Arbortext only
    • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
    • Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog (AIPC)
    • Engine Manual (EM)
    • Engine Illustrated Parts Catalog (EIPC)

For the AIPC, an addition tool is included that will take parts information from an Excel spreadsheet (using a given format) and convert it to markup for the two parts of the AIPC that can then be pasted directly into the AIPC document. This minimises the work required to produce the manual and reduces the risk of errors.

All the applications are provided with standards compliant stylesheets and have variants for the Standard ATA output and for Airbus compliant output.

The applications are also configurable to allow variations to be incorporated where the output is not specified specifically by the ATA iSpec 2200 specification.

IPD generator

The Mekon Eclipse IPD Generator provides a tool for converting to the required markup and comes in two editions for S1000D and for ATA iSpec2200.  A map is created to associate content from a spreadsheet (CSV format) to the required markup and this can then be used to generate the required markup from any spreadsheet with the same layout.

Content Management

Unlike S1000D, the use of a Content Management System (CMS) is not covered by the ATA specification. Many customers find that they are able to manage without a CMS for their ATA publications. However, our partner Absolute Data Group (ADG) have extended their S1000D CSDB product to support ATA content.

While not all the S1000D related functionality is available for ATA content, it does provide a secure repository and ADG also provide stylesheets for ATA compliant print output for use with their Binder tool.

The R4i system will work with the Mekon authoring tools without any modification so the two systems may be used together. For customers with requirements for both S1000D and ATA content, the R4i system allows for the secure storage and handling of all content and a compete publishing solution with the use of the Mekon Authoring tools.