Windows 10

No doubt some of you like me have had a nag pop up trying to persuade you to update your windows to the latest and best i.e. Windows 10. The update was completely free. This offer does not apply to those of us whose work machines are on a Domain. However, my home machine is not on a domain and, having been quite happy with the free upgrades first to Windows 8 and then 8.1, and against the advice of my son (a Microsoft Qualified Engineer – but what does he know?) I thought that I would take the plunge.

I had a look around to see if thee was anything serious about the installation and of course there were various comments in the press about the installation not going well without being specific. I had also heard that there were some areas of Windows which were just not there. But I was installing on my Home machine so if the worst came to the worst then I could go back. I must also admit that part of my decision was so that I could test our software out on a more or less bog standard machine like most of our clients have.

With Windows 8 we discovered that some aspects of Windows Security had changed. We overcame that but that does not appear to be a problem with Windows 10.

However there have been changes. It looks as if the 32 bit and 64 bit versions do not handle some .dlls is not the same.same. I am currently waiting for a fix so that I can give our applications a thorough testing to make sure all will be well by the time our clients recieve the updated Eclipse applications. Of course I am hoping that once installed the testing will go like a well oiled machine and there will not be any problems. But that is what testing is for isn’t it?

It looks as if the software that was already installed on my machine still works which includes a very useful programme called VNC which enables me to effortlessly remotely control my home machine from my works machine. This is so useful when testing our publishing application for S1000D as it enables me to keep an eye on my home machine while it is running a test.

And what do I think about Windows 10 so far. Well I am still getting used to where things are but it looks good to me. It is faster even than 8.1 on my home machine.

Source: S1000D Blog