Well, Well, Wel! – PDF Production now fixed

Hot on the heels of my last blog about Microsoft breaking how FrameMaker prouduces PDF file I can now report that the latest Windows Update on my machine has fixed the problem.

On Thursday last week when I shut my machine down I noticed that there was a windows updated in the offing. So, full of anticipation, I started my machine this morning and immediately went to FrameMaker 11 to produce a pdf file of an S1000D Data Module from the Bike Pack.

I have not been dissappointed.

I can now produce PDF files with the earlier versions of FrameMaker. I only intended to try FM11 and FM12 however,on the strength of those findings I installed our S1000D application on FrameMaker 7.2 (yes we have some clients sitll using this version) and I am pleased to report that that venerable application also produces PDF files.

I hope that our friends at Microsoft don’t introduce another little problem like that.

Thank you Microsoft for fixing the problem. Also thank you Adobe for letting us have patches for the two latest versions of FrameMaker.

Source: S1000D Blog