A new S1000D Blog Reader Poll

Up to Now

In my last blog I summarised what the S1000D Blog Readers Poll had recorded. It set me thinking that what had been recorded before was ok but things needed to move on.

When the poll was started most users were working with only one S1000D Issue. We have come to see from our clients that they are increasingly working with two or more Issues, both SGML and XML.

Similarly when the poll was started very few of the smaller clients were working with CSDBs. There were not many of them and those that were available were very expensive and most smaller companies just did not have the need/cash for them nor could they justify the cost.
Things have moved on and now there are several which are configured to work with S1000D. And some have come down in price.

And Now!

To reflect the change in the use of S1000D, and the experiences of the practitioners, I have created a new survey. The original list of S1000D issues is there but it is now multiple-choice. There is the original yes/no answer to Are you using a CSDB? However the question is now there asking which one is being used. And if you are and it is not one of the above then there is a Question to enable you to put in your own flavour.

I hope that all will now regard this as a new poll which reflect more of todays working environment.

Why has it taken so long?

A good question. The simple answer is that the original Poll was constructed using the well known Quibblo facilities and I did honestly try to extend/modify the original poll to meet today’s requirement. I have the username and password safe and used them. But there is a Captcha field which did not work which meant that I could not get back into my account.

So I have been forced to create a new poll using SurveyMonkey. Not quite so nice an interface but at least I was able to create an account, create the poll and then put it on the Blog site.

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