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The Spread of S1000D

Several Years Ago Several years ago, to be honest more years ago than I care to think about, my job was as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy. My observation then was that it was a good job that my training had been very much hands on with the current equipment of the day… Read more The Spread of S1000D

A new S1000D Blog Reader Poll

Up to Now In my last blog I summarised what the S1000D Blog Readers Poll had recorded. It set me thinking that what had been recorded before was ok but things needed to move on. When the poll was started most users were working with only one S1000D Issue. We have come to see from… Read more A new S1000D Blog Reader Poll

The Last Count – the survey

I first started the short survey in 2010 and it is very interesting to see how usage has changed over the years. So I thought that a quick look at it right now might be useful. April 2016 The survey results as of April 2016 are very nicely shown in graphical form below (generated by… Read more The Last Count – the survey

Updating the End User

Updating our Users Over the years it has become increasingly noticeable that our end users just don’t get to know the capabilities of our software. In many cases they have been creating and editing S1000D Data Modules for years and don’t know that there are features which would greatly speed up their production and possibly… Read more Updating the End User


History Many years ago I was involved in the design, implementation and population of a keyboard-less maintenance handbook system for a well known UK Train Manufacturer’s product associated with a new set of underground trains. There were three multi-machine networked systems in different locations. Touch screens were used as the method of interacting with the… Read more IETPs

Windows 10

No doubt some of you like me have had a nag pop up trying to persuade you to update your windows to the latest and best i.e. Windows 10. The update was completely free. This offer does not apply to those of us whose work machines are on a Domain. However, my home machine is… Read more Windows 10

S1000D IPD Generation

As, no doubt, those of you who need to create S1000D IPDs will know, creating and editing this type of Data Module is not easy at all. Legacy Conversion A good few years ago I was involved in a project to convert loads of Handbooks into a very early version of S1000D (1.6 actually). There… Read more S1000D IPD Generation

S1000D and DITA

Do You Remember? I don’t know if you remember, was it earlier this year or last(?), that there was a flurry of activity around the topic of S1000D and DITA. A group of people had decided that the way to go was to create a DITA which conformed to S1000D. The presentation was very interesting… Read more S1000D and DITA

S1000D Events in 2014

The general S1000D environment seems to be picking up. We have noticed an increased activity regarding enquiries for our Software and general communications about more recent issues of S1000D than Issue 2+. This has also become apparent in interest in S1000D events. UK Based Here in the UK the Congility event is going to take… Read more S1000D Events in 2014