R4i CSDB Server

Designed for the Aerospace and Military sectors, the R4i Common Source Database Server (CSDB) enables organisations to create, manage and publish maintenance and operational content as an Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) or hardcopy (PDF) via R4i Binder with Change Packaging.

Supplementing paper manuals, the R4i Viewer provides maintainers and operators with a dynamic, interactive multimedia experience. The Free R4i Viewer supports dynamic presentation of SGML, XML and PDF as well as audio, video and written content.

ADG’s R4i solutions is for customers that require their technical or field information to be able to:

  • Comply with industry specifications, including delivering to ASD S1000D, IETM, IETP, 5629A, and/or MILSPEC (Military Specification)
  • Re-use of information across multiple platforms or projects
  • Move beyond using out of date paper documents in the field
  • Deliver content to multiple devices or formats, including paper, web, CD, in vehicle

R4i CSDB Server, via the desktop software; controls the versioning, publishing and management of technical illustrations and maintenance data. The R4i CSDB includes powerful tools that work together to deliver interactive electronic procedures (IETP) and Adobe PDF Manuals.

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