Electronic documentation according the S1000D specification is generally managed in a Common Source Data Base (CSDB) due to the complex structure and linkage between the data modules (DMs) and Illustrations (ICNs).

Mekon A&D consultants have a long experience with S1000D and are fully aware of the need to provide a controlling function for the handling of the S1000D data modules and associated material, and can provide vendor neutral and hence product independent advice on applications to manage content in order to make the most of the range of Common Source Database providers and open source tools on the market to combine the power of their CSDB with the Mekon plug-ins.

Our Eclipse S1000D plug-in for FrameMaker can quickly be integrated with the Corena Life*S1000D CSDB, the Absolute Data Group (ADG) R4i CSDB and the Contenta S1000D CSDB from SDL XySoft (formerly: XyEnterprise). This functionality can aid the author’s productivity and ensures that less rework is required due to incorrect information insertion into the data modules.

Much of the new developments at Mekon make use of XQuery that, combined with Open Source or commercial XML databases from for instance Mark Logic and EMC, can provide superior management capability.