Eclipse A350 BookBuild

Mekon has developed versatile Publishing Applications for producing books using ASD S1000D Data Modules as the data source. Two versions of the application are available:

Eclipse A350 BookBuild

Mekon has developed another version Eclipse BookBuild application to specifically provide output which complies with the Airbus A350 CDIM.

The application still works with ASD S1000D Data Modules as the Data Source but uses the Airbus A350 Publication Module interpretation to determine the structure of the output. The Publication Module is imported into BookBuild so the initial setup is less complicated.

The output creates a pdf file which is a complete CMM.

As part of the work of creating this application Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker from Version 9 has also been modified to enable it to be easily configured to work with the Airbus A350 CDIM. This configuration is selected via the User Preferences.

The output of this version of BookBuild is a Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) with the preliminary pages automatically created and PageBlocks correctly identified.

Sample output

To give prospective users an appreciation of how this application works in converting the S1000D Data Modules into the A350 CMM a sample file has been created from ASD S1000D BikePack Data Modules.

Download the BookBuild A350 sample output (PDF 2.2 MB)


For more information refer to the Datasheet or contact us.