Mekon as a company has long been engaged in producing applications which demand high quality hard copy output. The Mekon A&D Department is still very much involved in this aspect of their work.

It has been recognised in some circles that although some clients require output in IETP form for on-screen presentation, others still need hard copy traditional style handbooks.

All our plug-ins within our Eclipse for FrameMaker range have functionality in place to deliver content as XML, SGML and/or PDF output.

Mekon also has a range of tools for conversion of SGML and XML S1000D Data Modules to PDFs or concatenation of S1000D Data Modules to a single publication.

Besides Mekon’s own products, Mekon can provide products from third parties to maximise the number of delivery methods of specification compliant publications, like technologies to create Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) or an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP).